Professional Activity: Information

The following is some information on admission to hospital for the mentioned endovascular therapy and, on Centres where I usually perform these procedures.

My head office is at the Maria Pia Hospital Torino, where I have all the facilities my activities require and the necessary interdisciplinary collaboration.
Concerning the other Centres, you will find a general Internet contact address, which you can look at, and the type of procedures I perform in that facility, deeming that the environmental conditions I work in are safe. You will also find information on whom to contact for admission to Hospital, if required, or for a professional consultation. Lastly, I will also provide the name of the Colleague who can locally provide further information, when I am absent.

In view of an ordinary admission, the patient must bring along the healthcare documentation of past admissions and diagnostic investigations (ARTERIOGRAPHY– ULTRASOUND – CT – MRI), if any. He/she must inform me about his/her current treatment, with special reference to antiaggregation and anticoagulant therapies. He/she must also report any known allergies.

Patients are requested to be punctual for appointments fixed by the secretary. They should preferably be on a 3-4 hour fast when attending a consultation. Most procedures will be performed under local anaesthesia and, the patient will be ordered to rest in bed for 4 -12 hours, depending on the haemostasis method adopted.
Patients are usually discharged on the 2nd – 3rd day, except those who have undergone aortic endoprosthesis procedures, which require a longer hospitalisation period (4 – 6 days).

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